Goddess Lucy Spanks

Break Up With her

stupid cheaters, enjoy this video of me bare faced and topless, hiding my perfect nipples with a silk robe. i cant believe after all the time we haven spent together, and i meant SPENDING $$, you still havent broken up with her! I am better than her in every way imaginable, even without makeup on. You have got to take the trash out. she deserves better than you, lucky you have already found better than her.. homewrecking is so fun and easy when you look like Me. You know what you have to do. I won't let you see My amazing tits and body anymore until you do. just break up with her already loser!

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Length: 9min.
Format: MOV
Category: Homewrecking
Size: 929MB
Language: English
Added: 2021-02-22

Flexible Brat Owns Ypu

this was a custom video order :) *heavy foot worship with upskirt views* Watch My perfectly bratty self get so much enjoyment out of teasing you weakling with my legs and bare feet in My mini skirt,, I know you like flexbile girls so i show off a bit providing you with an amazing view of upskirt and soles. which one do you want to smell first, my panties or feet? its a tough choice, when both look so appetizing. my long legs are stunning, and so is my brat face, i enjoy slowly teasing you, knowing that it is driving you wild before i even say much. ease into this video with Me while i slowly take control and remind you that there will never be another hot brat to make you feel this way, my nose rubs and feet are addicting, and you are so easy to trap.i sit on the floor and tease you further, humiliating you a bit claiming that i know what a perverted bitch you are for me, and I want you to prove it by pumping faster and faster. hints of findom and mind fuckery- this video makes you My prey, pov style you really feel like My target. with My foot up on my shoulder, showing off my flexibility and panties: i instruct you to edge for each toe. I completely fucking own you, devote yourself to Me and My feet. all you need is Me, and the feeling you get looking at Me, touching yourself.

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Length: 12min.
Format: MOV
Category: Foot Fetish
Size: 1325MB
Language: English
Added: 2021-02-08

Blonde Eating and Burping

smoking some dabs, eating fried pickles, enjoying a sprite and belching in a skimpy top where you can see My nipple piercings clear as day! i look hot as hell in this candid clip, you can probably pretend we are on a date ahhaha . i burp a lot with sprite and look good doing it. i want to make more clips like this so come grab this one and motivate Me for the next! perhaps a mukbang next time? a bit of coughing too, side of smoking fetish

Video Info: 1080x1920 Pixel @ 5833 kb/s
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Length: 8min.
Format: MP4
Category: Fetish
Size: 332MB
Language: English
Added: 2021-02-05

Eating and Yummy Humiliation Task

This humiliating clip of Me eating a sexy vegan sandwich starts out a bit quiet, with Me getting up close to cam really rubbing this in your face...you should watch this clip when you are hungry so it is extra antagonzing. My eyes, my mouth, that food... so much yum. You will smile as I fight with a tomato, you are so jealous of this sandwich. Almost 2 minutes in, i finally give you an ounce of attention and you feel so happy and lucky to be in this space with Me, even if i am humiliating you a bit... too bad i dont eat meat let alone losers like you.. how repulsive lol, keep dreaming of having my mouth on you while i pick away at this sandwich , waiting for my attention again as you jerk your own dumb meat stick.. I call you out on this activity and give you a fun simple CEI task that is very suitable for your perversions. what if you werent stroking yet? Oh, I think you definitely will be in the next minute, slut. Then you must complete My task. Let Me guide your loser ass through the rest of the clip I propose another challenge for you: cum by the time i am finished with my sandwich. youve never had these intense feelings paired with food this way before and its very exciting. Loser Porn is amazing <3

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Length: 7min.
Format: MOV
Category: Cum Eating Instruction
Size: 748MB
Language: English
Added: 2021-02-04

Never Quitting Findom

in this POV clip, you are on your hands and knees looking up to Me, crawling back after thinking about quitting findom... W/we both know that will never happen. Worship My shiney pants, tight body, perfect underboob & sexy face as I remind you of your place in this cruel harsh world: under Me,. This is really as good as it gets for you little bitch, you cant handle the real life disappointment and shame that would come with being with a woman... women do not like bitches like you, you are better off stroking and letting your loser load die. we surely dont need any more betas in the word. Listen to My words carefully as My body slides all over the screen teasing and trapping you forever. The world is a cold fucking place, i am the only one who will tell you the truth about what you are good for. There is no escaping it. You love to pump to My humiliation and denial.

Video Info: 2160x3840 Pixel @ 25395 kb/s
Audio Info: 2 Channels @ 256 kb/s
Length: 8min.
Format: MOV
Category: Financial Domination
Size: 1397MB
Language: English
Added: 2021-02-03