Goddess Bianca

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Extreme #2 Eating

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I'm going to take you step by step on exactly how you can be the perfect toilet. You know that is the only thing you are good for. Opening your pathetic mouth catching my #2. My perfect ass right in your face. I know you imagine being underneath me. Having me bend over your mouth. Making you open your mouth wide. Crouching over your face; humiliating you and then using you every day as my toilet. Getting more messy, more extreme every day. Ultimate loser humiliation. You have been waiting for this for your whole life. Being used every day as my #2 slave. Discovering your deepest desire of being my toilet. You would do anything wouldn't you? Obeying me and serving me doing whatever it takes to be right underneath me. Using you as my dumpster. That's all you are, a #2 slave.

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Seduced By Two

1920x1080 HD

Goddess Canna and I are going to make it pretty fucking impossible for you not to leave your wife. You are going to be seduced by two gorgeous Goddesses. We know that your wife is a fat ugly pathetic slob and she never wants to fuck you and whenever you do it's not satisfying. She lays there like a dead fish doesn't she? All she wants is your money. I'm sure you know that by now. She gives you no satisfaction, that's sad really. Two beautiful women are right here.. While you have to look at your fat disgusting slob of a wife. You would much rather be with us we know that. You have always wanted to cheat. You have always had the urge haven't you? Now with two perfect women how could you say no? There's no way you can deny us.. Look at us. Look at how hot we are together, look how perfect we are. You know you want to cheat.. Come on.. You can't resist.

Featuring: Goddess Canna

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Length: 8min.
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Category: Homewrecking
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You Crave Cum

1920x1080 HD

This clip has everything you want: slight humiliation, masturbation encouragement and sensual domination. I know how much you love to eat your cum and how you crave it like a slut. You can't wait until your next stroking session so that you can gobble it all up. You love to eat it all of your fingers and savour it. The second it hits your tongue I bet you can't wait for your next load. I'm going to humiliate you a little and then also encourage you to stroke for me. I know you want to eat it so bad and you want to eat it for me. You love eating all your cum for me like a good fagg0t. You know it makes you a fag because you swallow load after load. Whether you eat it out of your hand, a shot glass or you like to flip yourself upside down and cum in your mouth your going to dev0ur it. Now your going to stroke slowly and follow my instructions because your going to want to cum so bad so that you can eat it.

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Length: 9min.
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Category: Cum Eating Instruction
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Such A Silly Slut

1920x1080 HD

Audio & Visual Effects. Sensual & Verbal Abuse. Encouragement.

Hello Sluts, Are you ready to get Mind Fucked? Are you ready for 2 of me to tell you what a fucking Faggot you are? Are you going to be able to control yourself with all these big dicks. Look at you.. I bet your already drooling. So weak for that dick. You have probably been searching the coerced bi category waiting for me to release a clip. Well don't you worry faggot I'm back to remind you over and over how addicted you are. My tits should turn you on.. Not dicks. But look at you stroking at the fucking cocks..Your such a silly slut for me. I know how bad you want dick. You can't help yourself. Your going to be SO addicted to dick by the time I'm done with you. Your going to crave cum, crave cock. Let's be honest you don't want pussy. YOU want that huge dick. You can't control it or hide it. I know how bad you want to be on your knees with your mouth open. Say Ahh..

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Length: 12min.
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Category: Coerced Bi
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